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Corliss Engine Review: TRIAD Domestic Hot-Water Boilers
Corliss Engine Review: TRIAD Domestic Hot-Water Boilers


 Nowadays, domestic hot-water is as ubiquitous as the shower head or the faucet, especially in cold-climate regions. TRIAD regards this essential home need as a significant part of their responsibility to serve with strong commitment to product quality and excellence.




TRIAD Domestic Hot Water Boilers are top-quality, indirect water-heaters that provide creative solutions for virtually any potable water application. These vessels have an oversized indirect copper-coil that provides substantial water volumes at a typical rise of 100°F.  An oversized 1.5-inch-diameter copper-coil of up to 90-foot long supplies sufficient water volumes as required.


This large-diameter indirect water-heater is indirectly-fired allowing the boiler to heat potable water inside the coil. This system is superior to a direct-firing coil since it produces less hard-water deposits that are percolated out of the water.


These indirect water-heaters can be operated in tandem with a domestic hot-water storage tank, or used simply to circulate domestic hot-water through the building piping system for instant hot-water.


Installation Process

Like all our steam and hot-water heating systems, these boilers are ready-to-install packaged systems featuring a perfectly-matched powerful and efficient burner/boiler combination. All the necessary hot-water boiler-controls and secondary plumbing are installed and pre-wired, with the boiler vessels easily passing through a 32-inchdoorway, allowing for immediate start-up operation.


Other Benefits

TRIAD also offers indirect water-heaters that can fire gas, oil, propane, or dual fuel. Gas trains can be stage-fired using several options: on/off, low/high/off, low/high/low or modulating. The sizes of these vessels range from 300 MBH up to 1700MBH. However, even the largest boiler can readily pass through a 34-inch doorway. If necessary, these modular boilers can be operated by as many units linked together to create a highly-efficient system that delivers millions of BTU’s on those heavy-usage days, or just the least amount of BTU’s on a low-usage day.


Alternative Boiler Choice

TRIAD still has more to offer for those who have unique or versatile domestic requirements.

Combination boilers from TRIAD Boiler Systems provide remarkable flexibility and the ability to provide a “Total-Solutions“ approach. These boilers/indirect water-heaters are designed to produce space heat and domestic hot-water or other low-temperature needs using the same vessel! It practically eliminates the need for a separate, distinct, hot-water heater.


The advantages are obvious:

•             Fewer Boilers – This choice saves so much space and reduces the cost of equipment, piping and installation.

•             Save Energy – Allows a lot of savings as the boiler fires for a longer duration for the best service-efficiency.

•             Multiple Loops – This system integrates perimeter high-temperature loops and interior low-temperature loops from the same vessel for the ultimate comfortable and economical system.


Like all our Combination Boilers, these units are ready-to-install packaged-systems with the usual perfectly-matched power-efficient burner and boiler combination. All necessary boiler panel controls and secondary plumbing go with the units and pre-wired.  The vessels easily fit through a 32-inch doorway for fast start-up.


Now, with all these versatile features and benefits, why should you go somewhere else for your boiler needs?


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